The Guardians of Scardova

The insular Theocracy of Scardova struggles to survive against a harsh environment, but has thrived for nearly a thousand years because of their faith in Alm—the savior of mankind and protector of all. This faith can best be seen made manifest in the brave men and women known as the Guardians. These selfless defenders vow to protect the masses from the many threats against the realm, and serve as peacekeepers throughout the land’s vast spaces between the small cities, towns, and villages. From their base in the capital of Wintersholm, patrol groups of Guardians clear trails, escort travelers, deliver supplies, and combat the many enemies of Scardova.

As Scardova emerges victorious from a recent war with the Yellow Moon goblin tribe, the citizenry breathes a collective sigh of relief and begin the process of recovering from the wounds born from constant battle. But just as the page turns on this chapter of history, a new threat emerges. Something sinister and dark stirs in Scardova, and one patrol group of Guardians find themselves at the center of this mysterious danger.

This is their story.


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