Roland was an officer in the militia during the goblin wars, serving in a unit of crossbowmen. When the larger regiment to which he was a part suffered a surprise attack the hands of goblins, a superior officer ordered Roland to have his men fire into a melee of both friendly and enemy combatants. Thinking this a coward’s order, Roland refused. His regiment carried the day, but Roland was court-martialed and dishonorably discharged, even though many of his superiors told him in confidence that his decision was sound.

Roland spent the his civilian life working in Tinkertown, smithing for a local business in exchange for time in their workshop. There Roland spent his hours trying to improve upon the crossbow, and eventually, through much experimentation and failure, developed a implement capable of firing metal projectiles at high velocity using black powder which he called the pistol. It was about that time that a Dragonborn named Aegon visited Roland and offered him a spot in the Guardians. Roland, eager to field test his new invention, readily accepted.


Roland is well disciplined in all facets of life and does not tolerate well the lack of this trait in others. He is brave, even when faced with great danger, and thinks little of his own well being.


Protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Leave no man behind.




I have seen much death and am unfazed by it. This has left me with a sarcastic gallows sense of humor.


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