Playable Races


In the time of the Magi’s rule, the Dragonborn were the warrior class of the Magisterium, commanding vast armies. When Alm’s rebellion began, several Dragonborn clans turned on the Magi and their fellow brethren to fight at Alm’s side. These clans proved pivotal in many of Alm’s early battles, employing their tactical knowledge to overcome the Magi’s defenses.

Today, the Dragonborn still serve primarily as warriors and commanders, filling out the ranks of the militia as stalwart fighters. Most Dragonborn trace their lineage to one of the early clans which aligned with Alm, and some families are well known for their continued and distinguished service in the military. Some key leaders of these Dragonborn clans were among the first Paragons to be recognized by the Church.

Notable Dragonborn NPCs:

  • Patrin Delmirev: Commander of the current garrison at Westmere, who earned much glory and renown in the recent war against the Yellow Moon goblin tribe.


For centuries, Dwarves served as laborers or craftsman during the Magi’s rule. Although they created the architectural wonders of the Magisterium, the Dwarves were never given standing because of their lack of a natural affinity for the Arcane. The Dwarves were relegated to a sort of second-class citizenship, treated as little more than skilled servants. Having grown tired of the Magi’s scorn and greed for their craft, Dwarves were among the first to side with Alm in his uprising against the Council of Magi. Dwarven craftsmen provided Alm’s armies with stout armor, superior arms, and finely crafted items. But the Dwarves were much more than armorers and engineers, serving as the backbone of Alm’s army. It was the Dwarves who broke the gates of the Council’s citadel, a feat immortalized in song and tale. Their courage and heroism is held up as an example to all of Alm’s followers.

Today, Dwarves are valued members of Scardova. Many are known for their craftsmanship with metal and stone, and for their architectural achievements. Wintersholm was designed and engineered almost exclusively by the Dwarves, as was the more recent Westmere Keep. Many Dwarves also serve the Guardians or the Keepers.

Many believe it was the Dwarves who influenced the Church to allow Paragons, for it is said it was a Dwarven tradition in the time of the Magi long before it was a practice of Alm’s Church.

Recently, Dwarven prospectors have reported discovering ancient ruins and tunnels in the Eastern Mountains. Although faded by time, these works bear the unmistakable mark of Dwarven craftsmanship. Rumors have begun to spread of the existence of a lost Dwarven kingdom, and many Dwarves are intrigued by the chance of reclaiming a piece of their lost heritage.

There are 4 main Dwarven Clans in Scardova: Rockbiter, Kegsplitter, Silvermight, and Fireforge.

Notable Dwarven NPCs:

  • Rand Silvermight: Shield Captain and Quartermaster of Wintersholm
  • Rook Kegsplitter: Former Guardian and now owner of the Hobbled Mare Inn, Bellsdeen


In the time of the Magi, the Elves were a divided people. Some were among the ruling elite; powerful wizards and sorcerers who bent the land to their will. Others retained their intimate connection to the Feywood, and continued to live in forests as skilled woodmen. For centuries, each side lived in relative peace, respecting each others’ ways of life in the interests of racial harmony. As the Magi became more arrogant in their power, rifts began to appear between the Elves of the forest and those who chose the ways of the arcane. Greedy for more power, the Magi began to harvest the forests with impunity, destroying what they could not use. The Elves’ sacred groves were destroyed in misguided attempts to discover the source of their power. When Alm’s uprising began, the forest Elves’ leadership had already realized that their brethren’s arcane might had become a perversion of the natural order. They quickly joined the ranks of Alm’s forces, hoping to preserve the groves that remained, and stop the Magi’s destruction of nature. At home in the wild, the forest Elves served Alm’s army as skilled scouts, trackers, and archers. By the time the magi were defeated, almost none of the sacred forests remained, and so they joined Alm on his journey Northward.

Today, the Elves of Scardova have mostly settled into the southern forests, establishing several small towns and villages with groups of human hunters and rangers. They serve in all the branches of the Church, and the current head of the Keepers is an Elf who has held the position for nearly a century.

Notable Elven NPCs:

  • Aramil Sharva: Current Chancellor of the Keepers, who has been in the position for 55 years.


Gnomes were the tinkers and inventors of the Magisterium, but were deemed too reckless and unpredictable to sit on the Council of Magi. The Gnomes often chaffed at the strict rules imposed by the Magi, and so were eager to join Alm when he promised to free them and allow them to fully embrace their curious and impulsive natures.

Today, Gnomes continue to serve a tinkers and inventors, and are responsible for many new technological feats and alchemical creation which pervade the larger cities of Scardova. Others serve as explorers and scouts, allowing them to sate their wanderlust.

Notable Gnome NPCs:

  • Breena Turen: Current President of Winterholm’s University
  • Zook Stumbleduck: Famous inventor and wanderer who sells his wares across Scardova


The half giants live in the mountains near Scardova and often kept to themselves, only occasionally coming down to raid nearby lands. Over time an uneasy truce formed between the citizens of Scardova and the Goliath clans, so much so that a few have converted to Alm. The sight of a Goliath is still a very rare thing, but they make powerful allies in the many threats against the realm.

Notable Goliath NPCS

  • Grog the Victorious: Grog is a Guardian and is well-known in Wintersholm because Goliaths are such a rarity. His love of ale and ability to drink anyone under the table is equally well-known.


Half-Elves were virtually unknown in the land of the Magi, for any union between races was strictly forbidden. Alm made no such restriction, and humans and Elves have lived together in the southern forests of Scardova for some time. As such, Half-Elves have begun to appear and their numbers are steadily growing. Like their parents, most of the Half-Elves live in the southern forests and are hunters and foresters. A few can be found in northern areas, trying to find their place in the world outside the forests. Since they are a new race, Half-Elves have yet to meaningfully establish themselves in any institution, but many see potential in this new race.

Notable Half-Elven NPCs:

  • Darvin Westra: Current Governor of Bellsdeen.


Halflings were unknown in the Magisterium. They were a nomadic people, and avoided those lands and all who dwelled there. When the Magi were defeated and Alm and his followers headed North, they encountered some of these nomadic Halfing tribes. Over time, Halflings became familiar sights, and often traded with Alm’s followers. When Scardova was established, some Halflings came to settle there and became followers of Alm. Others still adhere to their nomadic ways, wandering in and out of Scardova as they travel by land and water across the larger continent. Of those who live in Scardova, Halflings have established themselves as a largely merchant class and are found in city enclaves, but some have been accepted in the ranks of the Guardians as Rangers and Scouts.


In the Magisterium, humans comprised the majority of the population, and so were represented in all classes. Some were lowly laborers, working side-by-side with Dwarves. Others were part of the ruling elite, and two humans were on the council of Magi. Alm himself was a human, but little about his birthplace or childhood is known. When the rebellion began, most humans, who were oppressed and poorly treated by the Magi, joined with Alm. Some fought in his army, others committed acts of sabotage of the Magi’s defenses, and the largest group to survive the Magi’s downfall were the humans.

Today, as the majority race in Scardova, humans comprise most of the land’s cities, towns, and villages. The High Bastion of the Church of Alm has always been a human-held position, although other high-ranking Church positions have been occupied by other races. Humans also have the largest number of Paragons, but this may largely be due to having the shortest life span and greater numbers when compared to the other races.

Notable NPCs:

  • Jilla Stelnyse: Current Matriarch of the Guardians
  • Gregor Imzel: Current High Bastion


The Lightborn are thought to be the result of Alm’s divine energy seeping into the world upon his death, as this race did not exist until shortly after his demise. Always born to human parents, the Lightborn are natural leaders and heroes. They are extremely rare, but often find their way into the Guardians.


While Alm rescued all of his people from the bonds of the Magi’s tyranny, it was the Tieflings whom he rescued from the bonds of servitude. Within the Magisterium, Tieflings were a slave race created by the forced mating of humans and other races with devils and demons. What began as a cruel experiment by the Magi turned into unending servitude for the offspring of these horrible unions. Tieflings were the lowest of the low, both pitied and reviled by the commoners. Forced to perform the most menial, degrading, and dangerous tasks that the Magi could concoct, a Tiefling could only look forward to a life of pain followed by a (hopefully) swift death.

Unlike many others, Alm was able to look past the Tieflings’ demonic appearances to see their suffering. Ignoring the warnings of many of his followers, Alm constantly risked his life to liberate Tiefling slave camps. In return, the Tieflings gave Alm their undying love. In the war against the Magi, the Tieflings soon proved themselves to be among Alm’s most faithful and trustworthy soldiers. Soon the people saw the Tieflings for what they were, the most tragic victims of the Magi’s tyranny. What began as distaste and distrust soon turned to tolerance and admiration.

Today, Tieflings are perhaps the most devoted of all of Alms followers; some have even risen to high station in the Church as Clerics. Even the most pious Deva can find no fault in the service or faith of the Tieflings. It is not uncommon to see Tiefling any branch of the church. And, although the Inquisition is shrouded in secret, it has been speculated that many Tieflings fill its ranks as well. It has even been whispered that the Lord Inquisitor himself, whose identity is a strictly guarded secret, is a Tiefling. Some say this is nonsense. Others say that if anyone knows the horror of what awaits in the Hallows it is the Tieflings, and who would have more reason to try to stop its influence?


  • Dragonborn: 15%
  • Dwarves: 19%
  • Elves: 11%
  • Gnomes: 8%
  • Goliath: less than 1%
  • Half-Elves: 3%
  • Halflings: 4% (residential)
  • Humans: 36%
  • Lightborn: less than 1%
  • Tieflings: 4%


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