Pinel “Pin” Buerlun Caslind Stecal Geron


My family was originally from Thinkertown. We moved to Birchshaw when I was a young child. My father was hired by the town of to make and maintain machines that would help the lumber industry. Growing up in Birchshaw away from gnome culture, I was attracted to the ranger way at an early age. It must be the forest gnome blood that flows in my veins, I think my great uncle on my mother side was Forest gnome. I met “An Stonev” a human ranger in my adolescence and he inspired and nurture my love of nature. He would regal me with fantastic stories of the Elven rangers and Druids which has fueled my passion to serve as one of the defenders of nature. Iaspire one day to train with Elven rangers in “The sacred Grove”.


Pin is known to tell tall tales and loves to exaggerate the details (“I caught a fish one time and it was as long as I am tall. No Lie!”). He despises gambling due to his father’s gambling habits which made his family life hard.


Nature must be protected, and Rangers are the best group to accomplish this.


The Hunters Mark guild in Birchshaw


I like to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong


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