Osovar Nonesuch


Osovar Nonesuch is the second son of Lorqinor Lord Nonesuch, a very minor noble with a small estate to the south of South Farin. Once wealthy and important, the Nonesuch family’s fate changed forever when Osovar’s great great great grandfather became besotted with an Elven woman, whom he married. Over generations, the family became a mix of Human and Elven stock, such that today, all the family members are a mix of the two to one degree or another. With this transition, the family’s position in society also changed, with many noble Human families considering them to be substantially diminished. Despite that, the Nonesuch family is still admired within its small, out of the way community.

Osovar’s mother is Ilemae, and he has an older brother, Leophanis, and a younger sister (his best friend), Iolanthe.

With no expectation of an inheritance, and a taste for adventure, Osovar had no choice but to set out to make his way in the world.


A carefree soul who follows his own path in the world, Osovar has a ready smile and a kind word. He is a charming and galant fellow. Despite his easy manner, Osovar has a strong sense of honor — be it his own, his family’s or another’s, which he will defend as required. Brave and daring, he will risk all to win the day!


Adventure is its own reward, and with courage in your heart and a sword in your hand, you can accomplish anything!


Osovar is best friends with his youngest sister Iolanthe and would to anything for her. He writes to her regularly to share tales of his adventures in the world.


I am more than willing to pursue daring plans that others would consider downright foolhardy.


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