Miriel Maaldar


Miriel is a half-elf (human father, elf mother) born in Farlorn. She grew up with other Elves in that town but did not really fit in – she is physically bigger than Elves and lacks their natural grace. Her clumsiness would not stand out in a human community, but among the Elves it was embarrassing. Upon reaching adulthood, she headed for Birchshaw, hoping she would find a sense of belonging there. In Birchshaw she faced the opposite problem – although she fit in physically, the Elvish customs and attitudes she learned in Farlorn seemed strange to the Birchshaw residents. She tried to make it work there for a little while (but not very hard – she can be a bit of a quitter), but eventually decided to leave again. Caught between two worlds figuratively, she decided to live between the two literally. She built herself a small shack in the forest between Birchshaw and Farlorn and became something of a survivalist. She lived mostly as a hermit, but would go into Birchshaw to trade for anything she couldn’t gather/make herself. She had a friendly relationship with Donna Thistlepatch, the owner of a general goods store, as well as other members of the Thistlepatch family. Still, her life lacked purpose and she was pretty lonely. At some point, she became aware of the Guardians and she decided this might be an opportunity to find friends, purpose, a sense of belonging, etc. Her skills could come in handy. So she traveled from Birchshaw to Wintersholm and signed up. She was mentored in Wintersholm by an elf named Tharivol Xiloscient, who taught her more advanced skills in herbalism, and she became a Cleric. That’s pretty much where she is now – a novice/new initiate, not totally committed to this new path in life but trying to make it work and hoping that it gives her some purpose/direction.


Miriel sees herself as a social misfit who is caught between the human and elven worlds. Because of this she is often unsure of herself.


I want to belong somewhere and find my purpose in life.


Donna Thistlepatch & family (general goods traders in Birchshaw)

Tharivol Xiloscient, herbalism mentor


I am often indecisive and have trouble committing to a course of action.


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