Cassian Dalmatov


Cassian Dalmatov was born in a frontier garrison near the town of Oxspring, where his father, Stepan Dalmatov, served as a sergeant in the goblin wars. When his mother, Magda Dalmatova, died of blackditch fever, he was sent to Birchshaw to live with the Valcoran clan—longtime friends of the Dalmatovs—and to apprentice as a carpenter with the family head, Olgarth Valcoran. Cassian’s older sister, Irina Dalmatova, was to follow, but before she did, Oxspring was overrun by goblin forces. Stepan perished during the battle, while Irina vanished and was declared dead.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, Cassian devoted himself to his study of carpentry, forming a deep attachment to the Valcoran family—and a particular affection for Tamara, the daughter of his master Olgarth. Over time, however, as he found himself consumed by grief, Cassian felt the need to leave Birchshaw and seek the solace of meditation and spiritual discipline at the Temple of the Sun, far to the north. His primary mentor at the Temple was Dawn Marshall Jovinian, a kind-hearted but rigorous instructor of unarmed combat. Perceiving Cassian’s growing dissatisfaction with a life of isolation and pure contemplation, Jovinian suggested to the restless young acolyte that he might travel to Wintersholm and offer his newfound talents to the Guardians.


Cassian appears grim and laconic, but is deemed to be a good hearted fellow by those who know him best.


Your word is your bond—always keep it.

Be loyal to the few friends you have.


The Valcoran family, with whom he apprenticed—especially his master Olgarth and Olgarth’s daughter Tamara (although his relationship with the latter is somewhat strained by his decision to leave Birchshaw). Also fond of Jovinian, his mentor at the Temple of the Sun.


Social niceties are masks for hypocricy—you have no use for them.


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