Aegon “Egg” Reddyar


Egg’s parents were arrested for heresy & he was adopted by one of the human Inquistiors, Lillian the Righteous. He knows little of his parents or their fate. He also knows little of Dragoborn culture & is more comfortable with humans. As a cloistered scholar studying arcana & history, he thought he might have magic power, & considered being a sorcerer for the church, but was afraid to try because of his heretic family. (Will those powers manifest someday or was he mistaken?) He followed in Lillian’s footsteps as a Paladin for Inquisition. While an Initiate, he saved an unjustly accused Tiefling family. But his training was suspended, he became disillusioned, & joined the Guardians instead.


Egg is awkward around other Dragonborn, as he is used to being in human society. He has a fierce intellectual curiosity, especially with the arcane. He also makes a conscious attempt to understand both sides of every argument before making a judgment himself. This trait has lead him to be an effective Patrol Leader.


Live up to Alms noblest ambition: Help those in need.


Lillian the Righteous (Inquisitor)


Being equal parts fearless and curious gets me into trouble


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